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生活館作為有機耕種、永續生活的實驗場,以耕種為本,並舉辦「有種電影節」,盼可喚起大家對香港以致世界各地食物及農業議題的關注,探討生活和生命最根本的意義。 然而,在現代化、工業化的世代,大財團和政府勾結,利益關係盤根錯節,個人失去生產自己的糧食的機會,更跟生產者距離愈來愈遠,吃下的不過是如 Alice Waters 所說又快又賤又隨便的快餐,農夫本來有能力自主生活,卻往往成為被剝削得最多的一群…… 如此的世界並不合理,當中究竟有甚麼出錯?
承蒙各方好友支持,去年第一屆生活館「有種電影節」(2014 年 12 月 – 2015 年 1 月)得以順利舉行,入場人數遠超預期,每場有 50 至 100 人。電影節透過六套來自日本、台灣、泰國、美國以及香港的獨立電影撒下思考及交流的種子,成果令人鼓舞。


為響應 2015 年國際泥土年,生活館即將舉辦的「第二屆有種電影節」亦以「泥土」為主題,撒下種子之外,不忘繼續養泥護土。土壤中的微生物幫忙將有機物轉化為腐殖質,成為農作物的養份。然而,和諧的田園風光不過是美好的表象,遮敝著泥土裡不同層次跟程度的躁動與矛盾。本屆「有種電影節」將透過來自日本、台灣、美國以及香港的 5 齣長片及 2 齣短片,探討農業、基因改造生物、社區抗爭議題。除播放紀錄片外,我們更聯繫了各方友好及團體舉辦不同形式的映後活動,如映後主題討論會(有關泥土的無限想像、母親食物的選擇、社區抗爭等)、烹飪分享、農墟市集和導賞團等。

集資網站 / http://www.dreamna.com <第二屆生活館「有種電影節」2016>
Facebook: 生活館有種電影節

相片嗚謝:黃淑琪、連一一 ;設計:阿洋
鳴謝:HK FARM, Spring Workshop


Facebook: 生活館
Facebook: 生活館有種電影節
網頁: https://sangwoodgoon.wordpress.com/filmfestival/


The 2nd Sangwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival (2016) Crowdfunding Proposal And Program Details

We need your support for The 2nd Sangdwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival (2016) Please kindly donate, and together, we will sow the seeds of food revolution.

Facebook: Sangwoodgoon Food and Farming Film Festival

Press Photos download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-iVGwKWEfCXQm02Uzdxbm1wb28

About Food & Farm Film Festival Sowing seeds

Crowdfunding website: http://www.dreamna.com/projects/the-2nd-sangwoodgoon-food-farm-film- festival-2016

“Documentary is not only a way for agriculture and farmers to express themselves; it is even a form of movement, of engagement and of organisation for agriculture, farmers and food, for it is simultaneously analytical, intellectual, tasteful, sensual, passionate and revolutionary.”

Foreword from the 1st Sangwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival (FFFF)

Sangwoodgoon is a farm experimenting with organic methods and permaculture design principles. The farm’s backbone is food production and building on this platform, through FFFF, raises the awareness of food- and agriculture-related topics both globally and in Hong Kong, and to explore the most basic meanings of life and the living. However, in the modernised, industrialised age, big corporations and governments are intertwined, taking away from each and every one of us, the chance to grow our own food and distancing us further away from the producers. We end up consuming what Alice Water sees as fast, cheap and easy food. Farmers who originally have the power to live sustainably and independently, have become the ones being exploited…… what has gone wrong?

Thanks to the generous support from friends, last year’s 1st Sangwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival (2014 December – 2015 January) was a success with an overwhelming turnout. Each screening had 50-100 people attending. Through 6 independent films from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, America and Hong Kong, seeds of reflection and exchange were sown.

————– The 2nd Sangwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival Nourishing the soil 2015 is the International Year of Soils, in response to the call for the care of soil and earth, Sangwoodgoon is preparing for the 2nd Food & Farm Film Festival with “soil” as the main theme. As we cast our seeds, we also nourish the soil with the aid of microorganisms. They convert organic matter into humus that nourishes the whole range of vegetables and organisms. But beneath this tranquil farming scenery, there lies within the soil a much more fierce and turbulent sense of restlessness. Sangwoodgoon is inviting 5 long and 2 short documentary films from Japan, Taiwan, America and Hong Kong. These films explore issues ranging from agriculture, genetically modified organisms to community struggles. Besides showcasing documentaries, we are also contacting friends, groups and organisations to participate in a variety of post- and extra-screening activities such as discussion panels (i.e. the boundless imaginations of soil, mother’s choice on food and community struggles etc.), food and recipe sharing, farmers’ market and also guided tours.


The Second Sangwoodgoon Food & Farm Film Festival

Organiser: Sangwoodgoon

Co-organiser: Ying E Chi, Tidff

Green partner: ACO

Cooperative Partner: New Choi Yuen Village, Pumpkinjojo Leung, SoIL

(Society for Indigenous Learning), School of Everyday Life, ToHome

Equipment Support: putyourself.in

Photo credit: Ki Wong, Lin Yat Yat; Designer: Ah Yeung

Special thanks:HK FARM, Spring Workshop



About Sangwoodgoon

Sangwoodgoon was founded in the Anti-XRL and Choi Yuen Village

Movement. Inspired by the movement, we realised that democracy of any

place, depends on whether citizens have the freedom to choose and create

their own ways of living.

Facebook: Sangwoodgoon

Facebook: Sangwoodgoon Food and Farming Film Festival

Website: https://sangwoodgoon.wordpress.com/filmfestival/